Harshal Shinde has won awards as a top ranking and outstanding design student through out his architectural education. After pursuing his studies at the University of Pune (B.Arch) and the Uni-versity of Cincinnati, USA (MS. Arch), he worked at the Chicago firm of Otis Koglin Wilson Archi-tects, Inc., assuming the responsibilities of a Project Architect. The total worth of the projects he worked on at this firm is in excess of US$ 50 million. He brings his experience in Interior design and Project-management skills to Urban Arts. His other interests are travel, photography, writing & painting.


  1. Most Outstanding Graduate Student Award by the College of Design Architecture Art & Plan-ning, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA <06/2000>
  2. University of Cincinnati Graduate Scholarship <1998 – 2000>
  3. University of Cincinnati Graduate Summer Research Scholarship <06/1999>
  4. Presented a refereed paper at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture – ACSA International Conference, Hong Kong, 10 –14 June, 2000
  5. NDMVPS College of Architecture, University of Pune Award for Academic Excellence <1992 – 1997>


  1. Hotel Park Hyatt, Hyderabad: Soft furnishings, Turnkey. RS 1.2 crores.
  1. Athithi Inn Hotel & Ullasa Roof-top Restaurant: Interior Design, Landscape & Project Manage-ment at Hyderabad, AP. RS (2+0.5) crores.
  2. Silent Valley Resorts: Architecture and Landscape Design in Moinabad, AP. RS (35) crores - Phase I.
  3. “Shanti Sarovar” for the Brahma Kumaris’ Institution: Architectural Design and Landscape De-sign at Cyberabad, Hyderabad, AP. RS (20+5) crores.
  4. HIMSS: Feasibility Study and Interior Design for a 15,000 sq. ft. space in downtown Chicago. US$ 12 million. [while at OKW Chicago]
  5. Danish Old Peoples Home and Infirmary: Feasibility Study and Design for Interior remodeling

(60,000 sq. ft.) and building extension (35,000 sq. ft.) US$ 25 million. Location: Chicago, Illi-nois. [while at OKW Chicago]

    • Architectural remodeling for a factory building (72,000 sq. ft.) US$ 5 million. Location: Chicago, Illinois. [while at OKW Chicago]
    • Interior Design for Chinese Antiques Showroom (1,500 sq. ft.) US$ 2,00,000. Location: Village Green of Lincolnshire, Illinois.
    • Interior Design for doctor’s polyclinic (5,000 sq. ft.), US$ 5,00,000. Location: Village Green of Lincolnshire, Illinois.